Pirelli is celebrating its jubilee with HEICO

Press information dated 15.05.2013

Pirelli is celebrating its jubilee and HEICO SPORTIV will be joining in in the fun and is presenting a special edition based on the Volvo V40.

German Volvo tuner HEICO SPORTIV and Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli have enjoyed a close business relationship since 2009. The cooperation, which initially started only as a partnership in motorsports, was soon extended to cover other areas too.

Today, Pirelli is one of HEICO SPORTIV’s key technology partners: especially in day-to-day business involving the tuning of Volvo road vehicles and assembly of complete wheel sets, the Weiterstadt-based specialists rely to a great extent on Pirelli tires.

What better reason than this momentous anniversary – 50 years of Pirelli in Germany and 110 years of tireworks in Breuberg – to celebrate the successful partnership with a special model? The special edition, based on the Volvo V40 T3, convinces with outstanding performance, unbeatable product quality and excellent handling.

Extensive modifications from the HEICO SPORTIV program
The alterations include a 37 kW power enhancement for the 1.6 liter turbo engine, from 110 kW (150 hp) to 147 kW (200 hp). The awe-inspiring power punch is delivered by a second, equivalent engine control unit that goes under the name of e.motion®. An additional torque boost, from 240 Nm to 300 Nm, propels the Volvo V40 T3 to 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds (compared to 8.8 seconds for the series-produced model). And for the first time: the new HEICO SPORTIV speedpack enables a higher top speed before the series-delivered speed throttle kicks in – in this case, at 230 km/h rather than 210 km/h. A 60-month warranty is provided for the HEICO SPORTIV program parts from their initial registration date. And if that weren’t enough, the HEICO SPORTIV speedpack is also compatible with the full-service offering Volvo PRO, the Volvo Pro New Car Extension Guarantee and VOLVOSELEKT (country-specific).

Optimal traction thanks to Pirelli P Zero
The new 8x19” VOLUTION® VII. full wheel set provides for perfect road traction. For product developer and HEICO SPORTIV racing driver, Martin Müller, there is only one answer when it comes to tires: “For the Volvo V40, we use 235/35R19 Pirelli P Zeros. They offer the best driving dynamics for our application in dry weather, and maximum grip in wet road conditions.”

Optically, the special edition Volvo also differs considerably from the series model: not only has the vehicle been lowered 30mm, but, through changes to its characteristics curves, it is also more firmly sprung. Most noticeable, however, is the bodykit, consisting of a bi-part front spoiler and diffusor-look rear skirt.         

The front spoiler accentuates the series-built spoiler lip, while simultaneously setting a falcate design feature between the main headlamp and LED daytime running light. Made of flexible, lightweight polyure-thane plastic (PUR-R-RIM), it is mounted on the original bumper. Crash tests ensure that all safety functions – such as the new pedestrian airbag – continue to function fully and properly.

The rear skirt, also in PUR-R-RIM, cites the form of a diffusor, faithfully embracing the left and right oval tailpipes of the quad outlet exhaust system. The insides of the 120x74 mm diameter stainless steel tail-pipes are finished in black chrome, the outsides, in high-sheen chrome plating. Finally, a red decorative strip emphasizes the bodykit and the Volvo V40’s dynamic lateral profile.

Individualization of the interior, too
Red is again a theme color in the interior, with color setting apart every seam of the sport steering wheel, gear shift and hand brake handle, and optimally harmonizing with the piano-black speedometer casing and floating central console, and the elegant velour floor mats with embossed tire-tread profiles.

The HEICO SPORTIV package for the Pirelli special edition model can be optionally combined with other engine and fitting configurations.

HEICO SPORTIV and Pirelli: a winning partnership on road and race track!