The Volvo C30 T5 by HEICO SPORTIV was designed to appeal to urban driving enthusiasts who are just as passionate about their cars as they are about their time outdoors. With project partner Burton Snowboards in mind, HEICO created a C30 concept that is at home in the city, as well as the switchbacks on the backcountry roads to the slopes.

One car, two talents.
The 2.5 Litre Turbo engine was upgraded to 300hp to achieve a refined, sporty feel on road. Equipped with all-wheel-drive, the C30 also promises excellent traction off-road. Adapting the electronic Haldex AWD system to the C30’s electronic system was a strong challenge for HEICO SPORTIV engineers, but the system was fitted with perfect results. This goal was reached after weeks of detailed work. Naturally for HEICO SPORTIV, all safety systems, traction control, and electronic safety features all function seamlessly on the new AWD system.

Track or slope? This car is a pleasure in all driving conditions.

Along with the AWD system, a specially designed and engineered suspension offers an additional 30mm ride clearance, and specially produced TOYO tires with a unique HEICO tread pattern offer spectacular off-road performance. The tires, mounted on HEICO’s iconic VOLUTION® V. 8X18” sport-alloy wheels, raise the fun quotient even higher. After all, these tires are based on Toyo’s R888 semi-slick performance tire.

The HEICO SPORTIV sport suspension kit, carbon fiber strut tower bar, and 4-caliper high performance braking system (320mm front rotors) help make the C30 a true all-around performer.

First impressions count. The HS3 THOR lingers in your memory well after the first look.

The C30 concept car shows as well as it performs. The HEICO C30’s styling pays homage to the “XC-style” of the Volvo XC70 and XC90 models, paralleling some of the design features of both cars. The aggressive front end is dominated by the HEICO SPORTIV front grill and front bumper plate, which comes in handy while going off-road. Accentuated ducts in the front bumper allow more cool air to the engine and brakes, as well as accommodating high-performance fog lamps.

The rear bumper quotes the front, although in addition the middle section features four HEICO sport tips on the high performance exhaust system (76mm each). These two components are complemented by specially designed side skirts and fender flares to round out the overall look. Making perhaps the most impact of all is the 7-stage “HEICO ICE” camo paint scheme, an evocative, creative statement of outdoor winter activity and cutting-edge style.

The drive concept.

Featuring a ported and polished head, modified turbocharger, specially designed intercooler, electronic water injection, sport exhaust system, and custom ECU, the power of the 218hp T5 engine was modified to produce 300hp. Torque was increased 100Nm up to 420Nm. Accordingly, the strong Swede runs the 0-100km/h distance in 5,8 sec. As with other U.S. Volvo models, the top speed is electronically limited to 210 km/h.

The five cylinder Volvo exhaust note: always there, but never disturbing. Thanks to a specially developed downpipe, race catalyst, sound pipe, and sport silencer with chrome exhaust tips, an incredible exhaust tone is achieved.

The interior.

The interior is well thought out and hand-crafted to a world class standard. The two-tone leather in “Alpha Gray” and “Sapphire Black” dominates the cabin. The silver stitching in particular makes a very special detail that accents the carefully crafted hides. Specially contoured front and rear seating, along with specially designed two-tone door panels highlight the full-leather dashboard and headliner in rich “lugano leather”, a real treat for the senses. The center console houses specially developed integrated cradles for the highly desirable iPOD Nano and the Motorola GPS-enabled “Q” phone. The bespoke feeling is completed with aluminium design features on the pedals, shift knob, center console, handbrake, and door pins.

Innovation. Rear storage.

The trunk area was cleverly redesigned to accommodate an active, sport lifestyle. The assignment sounded straight forward: integrate two snowboards from partner BURTON SNOWBOARDS into the interior of the compact Volvo model. HEICO SPORTIV found a practical and suitable solution for everyday use. The boards are fitted in a custom leather bag and installed between the rear seating. Custom enclosures were crafted into the trunk floor that hold two complete sets of board equipment securely and safely. A special feature: boarding helmets are fitted to the back of the rear seats, well lit with special blue LED’s.

Technical data

  • Basic     
    Volvo C30 T5

  • Body     
    bodykit in "XC-style"

    • HEICO SPORTIV frontgrill

    • HEICO SPORTIV front skirt (incl. cornering light)

    • HEICO SPORTIV rear skirt

    • HEICO SPORTIV side skirts

    • HEICO SPORTIV fenders

  • Painting     
    "HEICO-ICE". 7-stage pearl effect paint with camo-design

  • Engine     
    In-line-fivecylinder, modified cylinder head, modified turbo charger and intercooler
    HEICO SPORTIV air filter, electronicaly adjusted water injection system

  • Enginemanagement                     
    HEICO SPORTIV power upgrade

  • Displacement     
    2.521 cm³

  • max. Output     
    (220 kw) 300 hp @ 5.500 rpm

  • max. Torque     
    420 Nm @ 3.500 rpm

  • Exhaust system     
    HEICO SPORTIV four tip exhaust, downpipe, metal catalytic converter

  • Transmission     
    added four wheel drive (Volvo/Haldex) system, all safty and performance features maintained

  • Gearbox     
    6-speed-manual gearbox (M66)

  • Suspension     
    HEICO SPORTIV sport suspension (height adjustment, +40 mm)

  • Brakes     
    HEICO SPORTIV brake system (4-piston-caliper, 320 mm brake disks)

  • Wheels     
    HEICO SPORTIV VOLUTION® V. complete wheels (8x18)

  • Tyre     
    Custom TOYO TIRES 245/40R18 with HEICO tread pattern

  • Interior     

    • HEICO SPORTIV aluminum doorpinset

    • HEICO SPORTIV aluminum pedal set

    • HEICO SPORTIV aluminum foot rest

    • HEICO SPORTIV leather gear shift lever

    • HEICO SPORTIV hand brake handle

    • HEICO SPORTIV floor mat set

    • HEICO SPORTIV leather steering wheel

    • two-color leather

    • special center console for iPOD and mobilephone with bluetooth

  • Trunk     
    integrated snowboard storage system, incl. boot, helmet and gear storage units, illuminated with LED lighting

  • Minimum weight        
    1.490 kg

  • Acceleration     
    0-100 km/h: ca. 5,7 sec.

  • Top speed     
    210 km/h (limited)