Our values and skills are the unique, unwavering kernel of the HEICO SPORTIV brand. As a distinctive, independent market player, dynamic enterprises such as our own must base their business dealings on underlying principles and values – guide rails and benchmarks, so to speak.

What are the qualities behind HEICO’s corporate values: Passion, authenticity and holistic approach?


Passion is first and foremost an expression of our pleasure in our actions, our products and our dealings with other people. We are passionate ourselves and draw strength and satisfaction from it.

Passion is priceless. In order to be successful in the face of tough competition, the whole company has to focus on the most important goal: Sustainable employee and customer passion.

Authenticity is the basis!

Life, both private and professional, could be a great deal easier if everyone kept the promises they had made – whether deadlines or product characteristics.

We know that this is always a challenge in our day-to-day work, but we have committed ourselves to taking up this challenge.

That is why our actions are based on trust, dependability, openness and a holistic approach, as well as on upholding standards of fairness, humanity and ethics in our daily dealings with one another.

That creates not only an atmosphere in which we feel comfortable and which supports our striving for excellence, it also ensures that HEICO is an authentic and highly emotional brand.

Holistic approach

That is not just a hollow phrase for us; it describes the complete 360° view of all the consequences of each of our decisions.

The scope or size of the decision is thereby totally irrelevant. We are well aware at all times that each of our decisions and actions has an interaction – in other words, it always has an influence on more than just the direct viewpoint or aspect.

This involves both an opportunity and a risk. A risk because every ill-considered decision leads to unnecessary costs, changes and irritation. An opportunity because a holistic view and decision guarantees medium and long-term satisfaction, success, clarity and effective working.

Our motivation is therefore to draw up and choose the best considered and most sustainable decision, not the first solution that comes to mind.